Saturday, March 21, 2015

ringIDean can make free call all over the world

ringIDeans can make calls all around the globe without mobile SIM cards by using ringID number. ringID can be used from many platforms which include Android, iPhone, Windows, Desktop & Web. The unique number of ringID is the most important factor to make a call from any place. It satisfies users in terms of privacy because the receiver cannot watch the caller’s cell number but ringID number only.

Users are most welcome to the kingdom of ringIDean


The process of registration is easier than other apps and it can be done within 30 seconds approximately. ringID lets you make calls without verifying your cell number. However, verification is useful in order to recover the account. When registration will be completed, a ringID number will be provided as universal number which will be used as a global identity, and the users of these ids will be termed as ringIDeans.

Make a free call over the world